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El Cráter Restaurant

El Cráter Restaurant

Strategically built on the edge of the crater of the volcano Pululahua, for its architectural design, the restaurant permits a visibility of 360 degrees. The construction of the restaurant was made hand craftedly, using construction material from the adjacent area. The combination of the stone, the pumice stone and the wood is creating a remarkably warm space the respects its environment while adding it an aesthetic touch.


The restaurant has 4 sections, each with a different view and atmosphere.  The changing weather transform the landscape continuously, contributing to the unique dining ambiance of the restaurant.


We offer a traditional Ecuadorian cuisine next to a selection of classic international dishes; we have a varied wine menu and a range of cocktails from over the world.

A la Carte

Tabla "El Cráter"

Para dos Personas

8 unidades, empanadas verde, morocho y viento + 2 trocitos de fritada

Empanadas de Morocho

4 empanadas de maíz rellenas de carne

Empanadas Mixtas

Verde y Morocho

2 empanadas de plátano verde con queso + 2 empanadas de maíz con carne

Empanadas de Verde

4 empanadas de plátano verde rellenas de queso

Special Menus

Touristic Menu
Main Course
  1. Fritada Dish

  2. Lamb Stew

  3. Grilled Chicken

  4. Sea Bass in Caper Sauce

  1. Pineapple with Ice Cream

  2. Syrupy Figs with Cheese
  3. Passion Fruit Mousse

Our Dishes

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